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Can you etch my nails?

All sets come pre-etched for maximum adhesion  


Etching the nails is what helps your set last 2+ weeks because it allows the adhesive to grip to nail better. 

Do the sets come as pictured?

All sets are available in lengths Short to XL. Customizable sets have the different options in the listing photos. If you would like a custom set that is not on the site, start your consultation via Instagram/ Site Chat. Check the FAQ sections on the Home page for the needed information. 


All sets are handmade and may slightly differ. 

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pressed by dg creator

    Pressed by DG is a press on nail business that I created to make sure everyone can have beautiful nails at an affordable price. I’m a believer, wife, & a mother. I started this business in 2022 after I felt God was telling me to leave the current career & lifestyle that was pulling me from Him & my family. 


I can now create with total freedom & genuinely find joy in everything I do now. My business is focused on providing quality press on nails that help bring out your inner beauty along with confidence. All of my products are made with care and precision, I strive to make sure each and every customer is happy with their purchase.




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